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Started in 1998 A2Events has entertained thousands of people with our unique style of entertainment. Whether it has been a public, corporate or private event we have curtailed our entertainment style to meet your needs. Our friendly and easy goings DJs have been some of the most talented DJs in the area. With 100% customer satisfaction rating we are confidant that you will be pleased as well.

What We Bring To Your Event


  A2Events features: -Quality Music -Top Notch Equipment -Extensive Event Planning We use professional Numark and JBL equipment and more than 40,000 all digital music library, for a state of the art entertainment system.  Pulling up requests takes mere seconds to accomplish allowing your DJ/MC more time to focus on you and your guests.  Your music will be skip-free, crystal clear and distortion-free. You are also getting: -Experienced DJ/MC -Wireless Microphones -All Digital Music Library -Online Event Planning -Online Music Database -Unlimited planning sessions with your DJ/MC 



 Travel Fee? It is not unreasonable for entertainers to charge an additional fee for traveling outside a "local" area. This might apply for distances over 20 or 30 miles. Fees may be charged by distance or by actual time traveled. If you choose entertainment that is not based in your "local" area, inquire about the amount and whether or not a travel charge is included in the price. Deposit? Most entertainers require a deposit when signing a contract for an engagement. Our required deposit is a $100 fee The contract should specify under what circumstances you might forfeit the deposit. The deposit is fully refundable if the entertainer is unable to perform Final Payment? Final payment for our services may be paid any time before the end of the reception, or immediately upon its conclusion. The method of payment (check/cash/PayPal) should be agreed upon prior to the engagement. All checks should be made out to Duane Gossiaux / A2Events. Outdoor Events If you plan to have an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour, graduation party or reception, be sure to let us know at the time of booking your event. You may need to make arrangements to have suitable cover over the stage or DJ area in case of inclement weather. Make sure an adequate number of electrical outlets are available for the band, DJ, or any other performer. Check with your entertainer to establish how many outlets are needed. Other questions that you may have: How early do you arrive prior to an event? a.Our arrival time is generally 60-90 minutes prior, and setup is complete between 30-45 minutes before stated contract time. What do you wear to a wedding reception? a. We will always dress in appropriate attire according to the event (typically a suit) unless otherwise requested. Do you use any lighting? a. Yes, depending upon your package. A light bar with a variety of lighting effects is used. Wash lighting may also be used depending upon your needs. Please make arrangements with us prior to booking your event. Are there any special needs for your equipment? a. Other than the normal precautions for any electrical equipment, no. How many breaks will you take, how often, and for how long? a. We do not break during your reception as the music remains continuous. What kind of music should I expect? a. Our desire to provide you top quality reliable service doesn't stop at the hardware. Most of our music, prior to 2014, was imported from actual CD's that we purchased either through a subscription service like Promo Only , ERG Music ,Jones TM .  We do now purchase music from the iTunes store and from our online music subscription from Promo Only. We imported all of our songs at 256 kb or higher to maintain the highest digital quality for a clear amplified sound. We bring several mp3 players in case of system failure of one of the iPods.  Please fell free to contact us with any questions, comments  and booking interests. info@a2events.com